Today we are going to review why it’s important to “show love” to your altar.

I believe if you view your altar as your sacred place you will want to keep it clean. Would you want your Goddess and God coming to visit and you have a half-eaten bologna sandwich resting on your wand.  Of course not. This is your sacred space where you are calling on deities of great power.

If you have been having problems with your magick not working or being incomplete, check to make sure your alter space is not cluttered.Your altar is directing your energy, will, intent and etc..Think of it this way. If you and a friend are in a crowded parking lot full of people and cars it will take longer to find each other, you will eventually find her but it’ll take longer than if you were in an empty lot with no people and cars. It would be a straight path to locate your friend and essentially that is what you always want…a straight path with no interference.

In my opinion a happy (clean) altar expresses its gratitude by (1) effectively influencing your life  (2) bringing forth positive energy and results (3) ascending you to your goals (4) providing spiritual enlightenment.

Your altar is your friend you don’t have to speak to communicate with it, it is an extension of your belief.

Always try to interact with your altar in a positive manner. Remember your altar can pick up on your energy. Never cast your magick when you are angry or frustrated. Of course you already know our goal is to harm none, but you may unknowingly transmit harmful vibes that could bring harm to others.

It is tradition to clean your altar and tools with sea salt water, which is very easy to find and cheap..but if you can’t find sea salt, table salt or kosher, regular disinfecting cleaning supplies will do.

Remember your altar is your sacred place. Respect it and your magick will be plentiful, but on the other hand disrespect it and your magick will more than likely be less effective.

Brightest Blessings,