These are all good questions and there are many answers out there. This is a quick briefing on my opinion.

Magick (sometimes referred to as sorcery) is the practice of conscious manipulation (intentional change)  and/or suggestion to achieve a desired result. Influenced by religion, mysticism, occultism, science, and even psychology.

Spells in my opinion are also closely related to prayers.

Spells  employ various powers of the mind,  like creative visualization, positive thinking, and positive imaging. These methods help the spell caster create a mental picture so that he/she  can better relate with their intentions and form a clear and specific goal. These intentions are repeated according to a comfortable chosen method and combined with the infusion of will (will power). Calling upon deities, divine forces, ancestors, spirits etc. help many acheive their goals.

Many different things are used to help with visualization, such as numerology, moon phases, powers of herbs, oils, incense, candles, charms, amulets, tradition and much more.

Please feel free to list methods or anything else that helps you visualize and aids in your spell casting. Don’t be shy to ask questions. If I can not help I can direct you to a website or person who can.

Bright Blessings,