You will need 1 drawstring sachet (you can normally find these at the dollar store).

1 tsp organic Lavender
1 tsp organic Rosemary
1 tsp organic shredded Lemongrass
1 tsp organic Chamomile
6 – 10 drops lavender fragrance or essential oil (do not use candle or burner oil)
Sea Salt, table salt or rock salt

Add the herbs and lavender oil to sachet. Fill the bag to the top with salt, cinch drawstring. Drop into a tub of warm water and Enjoy the soothing goodness of your organic herbs and lavender oil.
This is a great recipe for aura cleansing, especially for a ritual bath before an important ceremony. It can also be used in a cleansing ritual.
*the natural lavender helps induce a calm & peaceful nature*
*you can use organic herbs or garden grown herbs (fresh or dried is fine)*