I get told on a regular basis that I have very nice skin. Some people think it’s genetics and some people think I spend tons of money on expensive products. The truth is I spend as little as possible on my skin care.

When I get outbreaks or blackheads or an oily patch on my face I go to Walgreens (or any local pharmacy) and purchase an old fashioned blue bottle of Milk of Mag and a pack of large cotton balls. Milk of Mag costs about $3.49 and a pack of cotton balls is about a buck, so for less than $5 you too can have pretty skin and this stuff lasts a long time. You may want to re-bottle some in a 1 oz travel container.

My technique  is to saturate a cotton ball and dab it on my face, or pimple or problem area and let it dry, then I rinse and moisturize. That’s it!

You may feel a little tingle on your face while it’s drying, but that’s normal. The allergy rate to Milk of Magnesia is very low, it’s only the liquid form of epsom salt. So if you can take an epsom salt bath with no reaction, Milk Of Magnesia shouldn’t harm you.

Feel free to post your comments and your results if you decide to try this technique. I would l ove to hear from you.

Bright Blessings,