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The Different Gods & Goddesses Part 6

India’s Gods & Goddesses
Brahma – God of the Triniity
Durga – Goddess beyond reach; also known as Shakti (Life Energy) and Parvati (Family Unity)
Ganesha – God who Removes Obstacles, God of Knowledge
Gauri – Goddess of Purity and Austerity
Hanuman – Monkey God, provider of Courage, Hope, Knowledge, Intellect and Devotion
Kali – Goddess of Destruction
Krishna – God of Power and Bravery
Lakshmi – Goddess of Prosperity, Purity, Chastity, and Generosity
Rama – Hero God, Preserver of Families, Destroyer of Evil
Sarasvati – Goddess of Speech, Wisdom and Learning
Shiva – God of Giving and Happiness, Creator
Vishnu –  God of Courage, Knowledge and Power; Also known as Hari the Remover


The Diffeent Gods & Goddesses Part 5

Norse Gods & Goddesses
Freya – Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom
Freyr – God of Fertility and Success
Frigga – Goddess Mother of All, Protector of Children
Hel – Goddess of the Dead and the Afterlife
Loki – God of Fire, Trickster God
Odin – God of all Men, Father of all Gods
Skadi – Goddess of Winter and Hunting
Thor – God of Sky and Thunder
Tyr – God of War and Law

The Different Gods and Goddesses Part 4

Greek & Roman Gods and Goddesses
Aphrodite (Greek) – Goddess of Love (Venus)
Apollo (Greek) – God of Civilization and the Arts
Ares (Greek) – God of War (Mars)
Artemis (Greek) – Goddess of Childbirth and Hunting (Diana)
Athena (Greek) – Goddess of War, Wisdom and Arts (Minerva)
Ceres (Roman) – Goddess of Agriculture and Good Harvest (Demeter)
Cupid (Roman) – The God of Love
Demeter (Greek) – Goddess of Earth, Agriculture and Fertility (Ceres)
Diana (Roman) – Goddess of the Hunt and Protector of Children (Artemis)
Dionysos (Greek) – God of Wine
Eos (Greek) – Goddess of the Dawn, Mother of the West Wind
Hades (Greek) – God of the Underworld and the Dead (Pluto)
Hebe (Greek) – Goddess of Eternal Youth
Hecate (Greek) – Goddess of the Underworld, Witchcraft and Black Magic
Hera (Greek) – Goddess of Marriage, Family and Home
Hermes (Greek) – God of Merchants (Mercury)
Hestia (Greek) – Goddess of Hearth, Fire and Family Life
Hypnos (Greek) – God of Sleep
Jupiter (Roman) – King of the Gods (Zeus)
Mars (Roman) – God of War (Ares)
Mercury (Roman) – God of Merchants (Hermes)
Minerva (Roman) Goddess of Wisdom, War and Crafts (Athena)
Morpheus (Greek) – God of Dreams
Nemesis (Greek) – Goddess of Vengeance
Nike(Greek) – Goddess of Victory
Persephone (Greek) – Goddess of Fertility and Nature
Pluto (Roman) – God of the Underworld and the Dead (Hades)
Poseidon (Greek) – God of Horses, Earthquakes, Storms and the Sea
Selene (Greek) – Goddess of the Moon
Triton (Greek) – Merman Sea God
Venus (Roman) – Goddess of Love, Protector of Gardens (Aphrodite)
Zeus (Greek) – Ruler of the Gods (Jupiter)

The Different Gods and Goddesses Part 3

British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses
Amaethon (
Welsh) – God of Agriculture, Master of Magic
Arawn (
Welsh) – God of the Hunt and the Underworld
Arianrhod (
Welsh) – Star and Sky Goddess, Goddess of Beauty, Full Moon and Magical Spells
Badb (
Irish) – Goddess of War, Death and Rebirth
Caillech (
Scottish, Irish, Welsh) – Goddess of Weather, Earth, Sky, Seasons, Moon and Sun
Cliodna (
Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Beauty and of Other Realms
Creide (
Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Women and Fairies
The Green Man (
Welsh) – God of the Woodlands, of Life Energy and Fertility
Morgan LeFay (
Welsh) – Goddess of Death, Fate, the Sea and of Curses
Oghma (
Scottish, Irish) – God of Communication and Writing, and of Poets
Rhiannon (
Welsh) – Goddess of Birds, Horses, Enchantments, Fertility and the Underworld
Skatha (
Welsh) – Goddess of the Underworld, Darkness, Magic, Prophecy and Martial Arts

The Different Gods & Goddesses Part 2

This is a brief list of a handful of highly acclaimed Chinese Gods and Goddesses.

Chinese Gods & Goddesses
Ch’eng-Huang – God of Moats and Walls
Kuan Ti – God of War, the Great Judge
Kwan Yin – Goddess of Mercy and Compassion
Lei Kun – God of Thunder; chases evil away
P’an-Chin-Lien – Goddess of Prostitutes
Ti-Tsang Wang – God of Mercy
T’shai-shen – God of Wealth 
Tsao Wang – God of the Hearth and Family
Yeng-Wang-Yeh – Lord of Judgment and Death 
Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti – God of the Sky, Father of Heaven 

Love Token Spell

I get a lot of private requests for Love Spells.

I personally have never tried one but I found this one on the web and thought someone might like to try it.

Let me know how it works!

Relationship Token Spell

On the night of a waxing Moon gather a pink candle, two rose petals, lavender oil and a small china plate. Cast a circle and light the candle. Contemplate the flame as a symbol of love’s light. Place the rose petals on the plate and add three drops of oil while saying:

“Love’s truth burns bright,
I welcome my soul mate on this night.”

Tip the candle to drip wax onto the petals, enough to form a coin sized token. Mold the wax and the petals together. Keep this token safe for six Moons then bury it beneath a rose bush.

The Different Gods & Goddesses Part 1

The Gods and Goddesses are generally broken down into 8 categories (some believe more or less).

This will be the first in an 8 part series of the Gods in their sections and what they represent.

You may choose Gods from one or all categories depending on your beliefs.

Here is a quick “breakdown” of a few of the most widely praised.

This is just a quick view to get you started or add to your patron deities. The list of Gods and Goddesses is way more abundant than anything I can provide.

Celtic Gods & Goddesses
British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses
Chinese Gods & Goddesses
Greek & Roman Gods and Goddesses
Norse Gods & Goddesses
India’s Gods & Goddesses
Sumerian Gods & Goddesses
African Gods & Goddesses

Celtic Gods & Goddesses
Branwyn – Goddess of love, sexuality and the sea
Bridget – Goddess of fertility, feminine creativity, martial arts and healing
Cernunnos – The ‘Horned God’, God of Nature, Animals, Fertility and the Underworld
Cerridwen – Moon Goddess, Goddess of Dark Prophecy and the Underworld
Coventina  – Goddess of Rivers, Abundance, Inspiration and Prophecy
The Crone – One of the Triple Goddess Aspects, Goddess of Old Age, Winter and the Waning Moon
Eostre – Goddess of Spring, Rebirth, Fertility and New Beginnings
Epona – Horse Goddess, Goddess of Prosperity, Healing, Nurturance and Sustainence
Latis – Goddess of Water and Beer
Lugh – Sun God, God of War, Mastery, Magic and Good Harvest
Morrigan – Goddess of War, Revenge, Night, Magic and Prophecy. Queen of Fairies and Witches
The Triple Goddess – The Maiden, Mother and Crone all at once. Moon, Creator, Destroyer