India’s Gods & Goddesses
Brahma – God of the Triniity
Durga – Goddess beyond reach; also known as Shakti (Life Energy) and Parvati (Family Unity)
Ganesha – God who Removes Obstacles, God of Knowledge
Gauri – Goddess of Purity and Austerity
Hanuman – Monkey God, provider of Courage, Hope, Knowledge, Intellect and Devotion
Kali – Goddess of Destruction
Krishna – God of Power and Bravery
Lakshmi – Goddess of Prosperity, Purity, Chastity, and Generosity
Rama – Hero God, Preserver of Families, Destroyer of Evil
Sarasvati – Goddess of Speech, Wisdom and Learning
Shiva – God of Giving and Happiness, Creator
Vishnu –  God of Courage, Knowledge and Power; Also known as Hari the Remover