Do you offer anything to your Goddess and God at your altar. Offerings at your altar are a sign of respect and gratitude. Offerings vary from person to person and belief to belief. I provide offerings whether or not I am casting a circle, spell or working my Magick.  Many believe it only necessary to offer milk, wine, water bread etc. at that time of spell casting, circle casting and things of that nature.
When making food and drink offerings try to give them in containers like glass or clay and not plastics or other synthetic materials, but if plastic is all you have then go for it.

I leave a small bowl of nuts in a clear glass bowl for them when I am not home. Within a few hours after returning I take the bowl of  nuts and make an offering to Nature outside under a tree, that way the squirrels and birds eat it and nothing goes to waste. When I leave water as an offering within a few hours I take the water out to the garden and pour it on the plants. I also offer fresh flowers and dried flowers and fresh and dried herbs. It makes the flowers and herbs more powerful when I use them in my mixtures and tinctures.
Offerings are to make your Goddess/God happy and pleased with you. Don’t take, take, take and never offer, especially when they do so much to keep us safe and happy.

Today I went out to the creek and picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers and plants to set up for my Goddess and God on my altar. And guess what?!?!…they blessed me for my offering before I even had a chance to set it up. I stumbled upon some five-finger grass!!! YAY…
(I was just about to order some online 2 days before)…Can you believe it!!! Anyone who is familiar with spells and magickal herbs knows how important five-finger grass and five-finger grass roots are. I feel so honored that Nature heard my prayer and put some in my path. I included a pic at the end of this blog entry it’s kind of in the back so it may be hard to see. I plucked a leaf and took a separate photo also.
So any way I set up the bouquet with the five-finger grass on my altar.
I went home and cross referenced it with my magickal herb books and it definitely is five-finger grass.

I just wanted to share my blessings with all of you and reiterate how important offerings and alter offerings are.

Brightest Blessing,