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Wiccan Law

Book Of Shadows Blessing (BOS Blessing)

Listen as the Witch’s word,
Calls the All, a gulf to ford.
Bridge the vast realities,
An it harm none, do as ye please.
Elements watch and guard this book,
From wandering eyes and prying look.
In this right and ready hour,
Fill it with thine ancient power.
Powers of North! Earth below,
Show us to live, to learn, and grow.
Lend us your strength and stability,
To practice with love and set ourselves free.
Powers of East! Wind and the Sky,
Watch o’er these pages with thine eye.
Your wisdom and knowledge, for these do we ask,
That this book be worthy – the Craft and it’s task.
Powers of South! Fire and the Hearth
Help these Shadows to prove their worth.
Infuse and uplift with your healing and passion,
So only good comes from the Works that are fashioned.
Powers of West! Waters and Sea,
Transformation and growth are granted by thee.
Bless herein pages with all that you know,
That all righteous readers may learn and may grow.
In winter, in spring, in summer and fall,
In our Shadows we ask for the aid of the All.
To practice the Craft of the wise as we must,
With truth, perfect peace, perfect love, perfect trust.
We ask for the blessings of Lady and Lord
As we hold up Her chalice and brandish His sword.
All that we know is infused with their power,
From sun and from moon, from rock and from flower.
Guard us Earth Mother and teach us your lore,
From silvery moon to the earth’s inner core.
When working our magick, please help us not fear it,
We know you will guide us and strengthen our spirit.
Grant us Sky Father your wisdom and strength,
To complete all our Workings, to go the full length.
You smile down upon us, the light of the sun,
Rejoicing in life, with you we are one.
Guardians from the four directions,
Lady and Lord, it’s your protections,
And your love for which we look,
To inspire and lead as we write this book.
Yet to the unschooled eye let see,
Confusing words and sophistry.
Lead them from these sacred pages,
On blessed ways throughout the ages.
Yet to the Witch, this book shall stay,
Plain and truthful, clear as day.
Direct and show, guide and teach,
their dreams and goals, please help them reach.
For free will of all
and harm to none
as I have willed it
It now is done
So mote it be!