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The Different Gods & Goddesses Part 8

African Gods & Goddesses
Amun – King of the Gods
Ani-lbo – Goddess of Birth, Death, Happiness and Love
Anubis – God of the Dead
Atum – First God, God of Perfection
Bastet – Goddess of Protection
Bes – Goddess of Childbirth and Family; Protection for Children, Pregnant Women and Families
Geb – God of the Earth
Hathor – Goddess of Love and Joy
Horus – God of the Sky, Ruler of Egypt
Isis – Goddess of Protection and Magic
Leza – Creator who is Compassionate and Merciful (Rhodesia)
Ma’at – Goddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony
Nephthys – Goddess of the Dead
Ngai – High God, Creator and Giver of All Things (East Africa)
Nun – God of Water and Chaos
Nut – Goddess of the Sky who Covers the Earth
Nzambi – Unapproachable God, Sovereign Master
Obatala – Goddess of Earth and People, Creator
Osiris – God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld
Ra – Sun God
Raluvhimba – God of the Heavens, Creator
Seshat – Goddess of Writing and Measurement
Seth – God of Chaos
Thoth – God of Writing and Knowledge
Wadjet – Cobra Goddess, Protector of the King

The Different Gods and Goddesses Part 7

Sumerian Gods & Goddesses
An – God of the Heavens
Enki – Lord of Water and Wisdom
Enlil – God of Air and Storms
Ereshkigal – Goddess of Darkness, Gloom and Death
Inanna – Goddess of Love and War
Ki – Goddess of the Earth
Nammu – Goddess of the Sea
Ninhursag – Goddess of the Earth, Fertility
Utu – Sun God, God of Justice

The Different Gods & Goddesses Part 6

India’s Gods & Goddesses
Brahma – God of the Triniity
Durga – Goddess beyond reach; also known as Shakti (Life Energy) and Parvati (Family Unity)
Ganesha – God who Removes Obstacles, God of Knowledge
Gauri – Goddess of Purity and Austerity
Hanuman – Monkey God, provider of Courage, Hope, Knowledge, Intellect and Devotion
Kali – Goddess of Destruction
Krishna – God of Power and Bravery
Lakshmi – Goddess of Prosperity, Purity, Chastity, and Generosity
Rama – Hero God, Preserver of Families, Destroyer of Evil
Sarasvati – Goddess of Speech, Wisdom and Learning
Shiva – God of Giving and Happiness, Creator
Vishnu –  God of Courage, Knowledge and Power; Also known as Hari the Remover

The Different Gods and Goddesses Part 3

British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh Gods & Goddesses
Amaethon (
Welsh) – God of Agriculture, Master of Magic
Arawn (
Welsh) – God of the Hunt and the Underworld
Arianrhod (
Welsh) – Star and Sky Goddess, Goddess of Beauty, Full Moon and Magical Spells
Badb (
Irish) – Goddess of War, Death and Rebirth
Caillech (
Scottish, Irish, Welsh) – Goddess of Weather, Earth, Sky, Seasons, Moon and Sun
Cliodna (
Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Beauty and of Other Realms
Creide (
Irish, Scottish) – Goddess of Women and Fairies
The Green Man (
Welsh) – God of the Woodlands, of Life Energy and Fertility
Morgan LeFay (
Welsh) – Goddess of Death, Fate, the Sea and of Curses
Oghma (
Scottish, Irish) – God of Communication and Writing, and of Poets
Rhiannon (
Welsh) – Goddess of Birds, Horses, Enchantments, Fertility and the Underworld
Skatha (
Welsh) – Goddess of the Underworld, Darkness, Magic, Prophecy and Martial Arts