Bright Blessings to all!!!

This spell is to help give you the ability to see or sense others intentions around you. This spell is BEST done at the start of your day but can be done anytime of day or night.

Items needed:

a small white votive or tea light candle (or any color that represent truth and honesty to you)

your voice ( a soft whisper)

good intentions and belief

What to do:

First you will need to light the candle, and hold it during the recital of this spell (this will help infuse your energy and intentions into the candle) be sure to sit or stand straight. You want to direct you energy properly so NO SLOUCHING!!! After you take a few deep breaths, gaze into the candle and recite……

With this light it shall be read

With this light It shall be said

Good fortune a plenty and with abundance

With only good intentions as my influence

Light my candle with fire bright as the sun

Bringing inner peace and cheer to each and everyone

Show others intent as clear as a mirror

Only those who reflect good may be brought nearer

Those who wish harm shall be banished from me

As I will it, So shall it be !!!!!

Repeat this as many times as necessary until you feel only positive energy flowing through you. It is this positive energy that will protect you and give you the ability to see or sense who has ill intentions toward you.

Then let the candle burn out (this is why you need a small candle,  big candles can take hours to burn out) as the candle burns lower and lower you will feel your abilities get stronger. ONLY use this spell if you can handle the truth. This spell will reveal the intentions of everyone who comes near you. That includes, family, friends, boss, strangers etc……So do not use this spell if you do not really want to know the true intent of others.

Please let me know how this spell works for you.

Merry Meet, Merry Part And Merry Meet Again.



This spell was written by me but you are more than welcome to repost this and anything else on my blog page as long as you give credit to me and do not try to pass it off as your own.