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Witches Rune Chant

Darksome night and shining moon
Hearken to the Witches Rune.
East then South, West then North
Hear! Come! I call thee forth!
By all the powers of land and sea
Be obedient unto me.
Wand, penticle, and thy Sword
Hearken ye unto my word.
Cords and censer, scourge and knife
Waken all ye into life.
Powers of the Witches blade
Come ye as the charge is made.
Queen of heaven, Queen of hell
Send your aid unto the spell.
Horned Hunter of the night
Work my will by magick right.
By the powers of land and sea
As do I say “So mote it be.”
By all the might of moon and sun
As I do will, it shall be done!


I have decided to learn the Art of reading Runes. I went to the creek to find river pebbles/stones. I thought it would be best to get river stones because of their exposure to the elements.My stones are currently naturally drying in the window sill.

Meanwhile I am practicing with gems I purchased at the $1 store (consecrated of course).

I found this really cool website Runes, Alphabet of Mystery it has a lot of information and book references that I found useful. Even if you don’t want to practice the Art of reading Runes but just want to learn more this is where I would suggest you start.

I will keep everyone updated on my progress.

Brightest Blessing To All.