In many Pagan beliefs religions and cultures, it is customary to work with an animal guide or spirit. The idea behind it is that you are to adopt the likeness of the animals qualities and personality as a positive force in your daily life.

(I hope this list can be of some help to you.)


Adder/Snake – wisdom, cunning, striking ability in defense

Badger – facing down larger adversaries with unyielding courage

Bat – out only at night moving at great speed

Bear – solitary, defensive when protecting it’s young

Bee – works in cooperation and coordination

Blackbird – has it’s own distinctive song and sings for the joy of singing

Boar – cunning and ferocious; sly and agressive

Bull – strength and potency; protection

Butterfly – carefree; yet able to defend itself against predators; able to camouflage itself

Cat – independent, competent; can fight its way out of a bad situation, but knows when it should retreat from overwhelming odds

Cock – confident

Cow – loving; comfortable with others

Crane – dignity

Crow – cunning and bold

Deer – shy, inconspicuous, swift

Dog – devotion

Dolphin – intelligence, communication

Dragon – knowledge, riches

Eagle – wisdom, longevity, quick to attack

Eel – quick, fluid

Fox – intelligent, loving, playful

Frog – still, invisible, able to take large leaps

Hare/Rabbit – peaceful, defensive

Hawk – keen sight, swift to strike

Hedgehog – able to curl up with sticky spines to deter enemy

Heron – slow and methodical; dignified

Horse – freedom, friendship, stamina, defense

Lizard – able to camoflage itself; quick to move

Lynx – travels over any type of ground and any type of weather; playful

Mouse – shy, fast

Otter – playful, friendly, curious, enjoys life

Owl – knowledge, wisdom, protects itself with talons and beak

Pig – ferocious when attacked; otherwise, peaceful and content

Rat – sly, invisible, silent

Raven – intelligent, noisy when disturbed

Salmon – wise, magickal, will travel in rough water to get where it wants to go

Seagull – knows when to take advantage of a situation

Sow – unpredictable

Squirrel – diligent worker; evasive

Swan – stately, beautiful, defensive

Turtle – slow, methodical, withdraws from danger

Unicorn – links physical and spiritual realms

Wolf – cunning, intelligent, free, invisible

Wren – musical, joyous, yet able to swoop down on intruders