This spell is intended to stop someone from harming or bothering you.

Some believe this should be performed during a waning moon.

On a piece of parchment paper, write down as much information as you know about the person you are wishing would leave you alone. You may know a little or you may know a lot (don’t stress about the amount of info) just make sure you are creating a vivid picture in your mind of the person as you write.

Now fill a small glass jar (like a baby food jar) with water-plain tap water is fine-and add 3 pinches of your choice of fresh or dry banishing herbs (aloe, anise, clover, basil, garlic, lilac, black pepper seeds, rosemary and sage are a few good choices)

Take the paper with the name on it and fold it three times.

Tie a black string/thread around the paper and drop it in the water. Some of the water may over flow and that’s ok.

Screw the lid on as tight as possible and bury it in a safe spot in your yard, flower box or garden.

When this person no longer poses a threat, un-bury your jar, pour the contents into the earth and recycle the jar.

Bright Blessings,