Do you light candles when you do a banishing spell or do you anoint your candles during or prior to a banishing spell? If so try this quick and effective banishing oil recipe that you can make in mere minutes.
When I was comprising this recipe it was based on a small jar (10-15 ml). Any size jar or container can be used just add more or less ingredients to suit the strength or “power” desired.

Banishing Oil Recipe for anointing candles
put 6-9 black peppercorns in amber glass bottle
fill with ur fave oil

Now wasn’t that easy. Of course you can tweak it however you like. Including sage would add protection properties to it, a few pieces of rock salt would add purification properties, or omitting the peppercorns and adding rose petals would make it perfect to anoint candles for a love spell. The list is endless.