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How To Make A Homemade Tincture

Here are easy instructions on how to make herbal or flower Tinctures. These are just a few quick guidelines to get you started. Once you are accustomed to the technique add more or less of your chosen ingredients.
Whether dried or fresh herbs and flowers are used is completely up to the practitioner. I use both and get great results every time.

What You Will Need to Make a Natural Herbal  Tincture

*Herbs or Flowers
*Vodka, distilled water or vinegar
*Mason Jar or any type of glass jar (even a jelly jar)
Always use glass NEVER plastic, plastic absorbs the fragrances

There are several items that you will need to make your own tinctures. First you need either dried or fresh herbs. Vodka at least 80 proof to cover the herbs (make a non-alcoholic tincture using distilled water, or vinegar. a vinegar tincture will have to be refrigerated). Mason jars with lids. Lastly, labels for the jars.

You will need 7-10 ounces of herbs for every quart of vodka, brandy or rum. I don’t measure, I just place enough herbs/flowers or both into a glass jar and pour just enough Vodka to cover it.

Put the lid tightly on the jar, place in a dark place area (such as back of a cabinet or closet) and shake 1-2 times a day for at least two weeks. When you are ready to use your plant based mixture, give it one final good shake and strain. I use panty hose to strain.

Alcohol based tinctures can last up to 5 years when prepared properly. I make my tinctures to prepare botanical perfume so I don’t worry about expiration.

If you reside with someone struggling with addiction. Please make a non-alcoholic tincture.


Milk of Magnesia for my FACE

I get told on a regular basis that I have very nice skin. Some people think it’s genetics and some people think I spend tons of money on expensive products. The truth is I spend as little as possible on my skin care.

When I get outbreaks or blackheads or an oily patch on my face I go to Walgreens (or any local pharmacy) and purchase an old fashioned blue bottle of Milk of Mag and a pack of large cotton balls. Milk of Mag costs about $3.49 and a pack of cotton balls is about a buck, so for less than $5 you too can have pretty skin and this stuff lasts a long time. You may want to re-bottle some in a 1 oz travel container.

My technique  is to saturate a cotton ball and dab it on my face, or pimple or problem area and let it dry, then I rinse and moisturize. That’s it!

You may feel a little tingle on your face while it’s drying, but that’s normal. The allergy rate to Milk of Magnesia is very low, it’s only the liquid form of epsom salt. So if you can take an epsom salt bath with no reaction, Milk Of Magnesia shouldn’t harm you.

Feel free to post your comments and your results if you decide to try this technique. I would l ove to hear from you.

Bright Blessings,


Divine Space Incense Recipe

Do you like to make your own incense? Then you will love this recipe. Of course as with all my recipes there is room to tweak, add, remove or do whatever you like to make it your own. This just provides a guide or a base recipe. If you have chosen to tweak this recipe in any way please feel free to share and post your results on this site. I love to keep in touch with my readers and their success.

Divine Sacral Space Incense Recipe

1 big handful of cedar chips
1 tbsp thyme
1 tbsp sage
1 tsp ground clove
1-2 tsp rosemary
1 tsp cinnamon or allspice
¼ tsp sea salt ( for purification)
tobacco or leather scented fragrance oil (optional)

Bright Blessings ,

Easy Lip Scrub Recipe

Here is an easy Organic lip scrub recipe for smoother sexier lips.

1tsp of your fave organic oil (olive oil, soybean etc)
2 tsp organic white sugar
Rub on lips w/clean fingers & wipe off w/damp cloth.
Now wasn’t that easy

*non organic ingredients can be substituted and you will receive the same GREAT results*

Aura Cleansing Recipe

You will need 1 drawstring sachet (you can normally find these at the dollar store).

1 tsp organic Lavender
1 tsp organic Rosemary
1 tsp organic shredded Lemongrass
1 tsp organic Chamomile
6 – 10 drops lavender fragrance or essential oil (do not use candle or burner oil)
Sea Salt, table salt or rock salt

Add the herbs and lavender oil to sachet. Fill the bag to the top with salt, cinch drawstring. Drop into a tub of warm water and Enjoy the soothing goodness of your organic herbs and lavender oil.
This is a great recipe for aura cleansing, especially for a ritual bath before an important ceremony. It can also be used in a cleansing ritual.
*the natural lavender helps induce a calm & peaceful nature*
*you can use organic herbs or garden grown herbs (fresh or dried is fine)*